Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome to Asinti Sanaa

Asinti means “A thing of beauty” in a Cameroonian dialect.

Sanaa means “A work of art or beauty” in Swahili

Interestingly, it may seem like I had spelt “Asante Sana” incorrectly- which means “Many thanks” in Swahili.

So, let’s just say, welcome! To “Beautiful Works of Art! Many thanks!”

I am originally from Ghana in Africa and now I live in California, USA. For 12 years, I designed clothes, interiors and events for women in Ghana. My goal was to make them look and feel beautiful, and have beauty surrounding them every day. My life’s work has been to make other’s lives beautiful. I hope I was successful.

I have left all that behind and although I miss my life, I’m back in school now and learning new and exciting things and the future seems so much brighter! Fashion and lifestyle design will always be my first loves, but, I am in love again! With art and painting! (They are really all one and the same in my mind!) Watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels, pencils! I love them all, and that will be my focus here. I still love fabric! All kinds, and I will find a way to incorporate them into my art.

My inspiration comes from past designs back at home in Ghana, the women I have known, the women I am getting to know, dreams of new designs for the future, the glorious couturiers of Paris, the fabulous street chic that surrounds me, fashion illustrations and silhouettes of decades past, nature, and the never ending quest for beauty which is my life.



Many thanks!

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