Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the year!

I’ve been MIA!


Today, I have two goals……

1 To post every other painting that I have made this year so that I can start with a ‘clean canvas’ next year……….which is tomorrow!

And 2, to share what I’ve been working on the past couple of days!

Wish me luck.

First, let me share what I’ve been working on.

So many people have touched my life in so many ways and at Christmas time, the best way for me to express my gratitude has been to paint.

These paintings are more along the lines of the fashion illustrations that I hope to have under my “Asinti Sanaa” brand.

I hope you like them.

I hope the recipients like them.

I love them!

And just a secret between you and I, I love them so much, I don’t want to let go! Thank God for photography! (although the quality of the pictures is really bad! Sorry, I took these around 2am!)

As you may know or not, I LOVE Roses!

I'm trying to channel an illustrator who inspires me; Ruben Alterio, I have a long way to go!!!!

And my African Ladies.

My table

My sketchbook

I'll be back!


Before the clock strikes 12!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I've been missing in action. The semester is coming to an end and my plate is seriously full! Projects, presentations, homework, finals! It's all good.

Today, I'm sharing my experiences with Acrylics.

My teacher, the great Marc Romano, came with a completely different approach. He was like "no funny abstracts, no funny creative stuff! WE'RE GOING TO PAINT WHAT WE SEE! Period!" And I was like, okaaaaay.......

So he showed us some work from the great masters and that was what we were going to do! After my ethereal experience with watercolors, this was quite scary, because I didn't think I had it in me, but, I was surprised at the results! I still have a long way to go, but I think 'there's something there'.

You be the judge.

Still Life

I've never liked the idea of still life, I thought it was boring, but after I painted this, I became anew! Looking forward to more compositions of still life in all media!


I love Dubai, just love love Dubai. I think I love Dubai because of the sense of 'possibilities' it presents, being there makes me feel like anything and everything is possible, so when it was time to choose something architectural, I chose the almighty Burj-Al-Arab. And I'm so happy I did!

Once again, I must say, I didn't think I had it in me!


Hmmm, this one was scary. The first two gave me the confidence to do this. I had never, ever, ever painted a face before, much less even drawn one. At this point, I was wishing I could run from the class, but Mr. Romano wasn't going to let me go anywhere. First of all, he taught me the basic rules of drawing a face and we took it from there. This was the last project of the semester and I know it needs some fine tuning, but I'm not touching it! One day when I become a pro, I want to be able to look back and say, this was my very first! And as far as I'm concerned, it was great!

It is my pride and joy.

And just so you know, I painted this long before the portrait I posted a while ago,of my BFF Selasie. This was my very first!

Color chart

How could I forget? Before we started painting all these beauties, we had to go through the grueling process of creating this color chart. It was painstaking and one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. As you can see, I didn’t even finish, I was in a hurry to start painting! But it was worth all the trouble!

I would never have been able to achieve any of this without the skill and patience of my teacher. He brought it all out. Thank you Mr. Romano. I can't wait for more lessons with you!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I almost forgot!

Before I took the watercolor class at Victor Valley College, I took some classes; just about three, at the Rancho Cucamonga Community Center. This was my very first experience with water colors.

And these classes were free!

Anyway, I’m happy I remembered. I have to get in touch with my teacher Melanie and show her the progress I’ve made!

She taught me how to ‘doodle’. Just staying busy with small pieces of watercolor paper anywhere- car, kitchen, bedroom and at anytime, because sometimes you just don’t feel like formally sitting behind the easel or table and painting. That’s exactly how I felt this weekend, but I still wanted to paint. So, I stayed in bed and ‘doodled’!

Here are some things I did in my first class, about a year and a half ago.

And here’s what I did in bed this weekend!

No earth shattering works of art, but I had a nice relaxing time with no expectations and I love what I was able to produce!

Take care!

I’ll be back with more ‘serious’ stuff!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Own Little Gallery

Here's my little gallery.

Maybe one day, I'll have an art show!

That would be a dream come true!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Watercolors, final part.

I was so happy when my friend Aicha told me that by my sharing of my lessons at school she was learning about watercolors. You know how sometimes you can be all excited about something, and it feels like you're just going on and on? Well, hearing that from Aicha has given me the encouragement to continue. Thank you my dear!

The next project I have to share is my all time favorite! "Essence of Flowers". We were to bring some flowers to class (that was enough to make me happy!)

Criteria: To loosely paint an interpretation of flowers. Using the wet-into-wet technique and double loading painting techniques, drop paint and roll brush to create a very fluid interpretation of flowers. These paintings are not descriptions of realistic flowers; rather they become residual evidence of an idea or essence of an expressive impression of them.

So basically, we painted these 'interpretations' all over the page and then we used a viewfinder to create individual compositions.

Did I say this was my favorite?!

I have used other media to paint-acrylic, gouache, pastels (I'm yet to embark on the 'oil' journey and I can't wait!), but what I just love about watercolors is the unpredictability! You can drop some paint on a wet surface and you have no idea what it's going to become, but if you can just let go and allow it to lead, following that lead becomes such a wonderful experience! That's the biggest lesson I learnt from this project. So here are my compositions.

The next project was "Surrealism".

This assignment is about having access to our subconscious mind; dreamscape. The key word is "Escape"

Initially, I struggled with this project. I researched other surreal artists such as Salvador Dali, but still, there was no connection.

The night before the assignment was due for critique; I searched and searched inside of me for an idea, but no show! So, I went back to the project page, looking for an answer, and I locked my eyes on the word 'escape'. Where would I want to escape to?

And then it just clicked! From my narrative, I said 'I wish I was a flower' and then we had just finished with the 'essence of flowers', (by now you know how obsessed I am with flowers!), so, I thought, I would love to escape into a flower!

I started drawing and painting around midnight and I was so enchanted with the idea that I ended up making 4 paintings of the same composition! I didn't even want to sleep!

Here they are...

Final project; "Pluralism"

In this project, we were to combine three different subjects;

Man made architectural elements
Natural organic living things
Decorative patterning

The assignment eclectically brings several subjects into one composition. Additionally, Pluralism consists of creating a picture that deconstructs traditional compositions and uses mixed media.

This was also quite difficult because we really had to think 'outside the box', but I came up with something, eventually.

Let me explain, the columns are my architectural element and I painted them pink, because, that was my way of deconstructing the normal perception of columns. The other man made element was the shoe, but at the same time, the petals on the shoe were the organic element. And to confuse myself even further, the petals are clouds which should have been found on at the top of the columns not the bottom. Finally, the black and white pattern to flatten it out.

So, that has been my 'foundation' in watercolors, the rest I believe is up to me.

I would like to thank my wonderful teacher, Sharon, who gave me the tools to bring forth all that is inside of me; during the duration of the semester, and for the rest of my life. Thank you Sharon. I have one more post about watercolors, and I will speak more about my wonderful teacher and the beautiful friendships that I experienced during this class.

Thank you for reading.