Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I almost forgot!

Before I took the watercolor class at Victor Valley College, I took some classes; just about three, at the Rancho Cucamonga Community Center. This was my very first experience with water colors.

And these classes were free!

Anyway, I’m happy I remembered. I have to get in touch with my teacher Melanie and show her the progress I’ve made!

She taught me how to ‘doodle’. Just staying busy with small pieces of watercolor paper anywhere- car, kitchen, bedroom and at anytime, because sometimes you just don’t feel like formally sitting behind the easel or table and painting. That’s exactly how I felt this weekend, but I still wanted to paint. So, I stayed in bed and ‘doodled’!

Here are some things I did in my first class, about a year and a half ago.

And here’s what I did in bed this weekend!

No earth shattering works of art, but I had a nice relaxing time with no expectations and I love what I was able to produce!

Take care!

I’ll be back with more ‘serious’ stuff!

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