Sunday, November 8, 2009

Watercolors, final part.

I was so happy when my friend Aicha told me that by my sharing of my lessons at school she was learning about watercolors. You know how sometimes you can be all excited about something, and it feels like you're just going on and on? Well, hearing that from Aicha has given me the encouragement to continue. Thank you my dear!

The next project I have to share is my all time favorite! "Essence of Flowers". We were to bring some flowers to class (that was enough to make me happy!)

Criteria: To loosely paint an interpretation of flowers. Using the wet-into-wet technique and double loading painting techniques, drop paint and roll brush to create a very fluid interpretation of flowers. These paintings are not descriptions of realistic flowers; rather they become residual evidence of an idea or essence of an expressive impression of them.

So basically, we painted these 'interpretations' all over the page and then we used a viewfinder to create individual compositions.

Did I say this was my favorite?!

I have used other media to paint-acrylic, gouache, pastels (I'm yet to embark on the 'oil' journey and I can't wait!), but what I just love about watercolors is the unpredictability! You can drop some paint on a wet surface and you have no idea what it's going to become, but if you can just let go and allow it to lead, following that lead becomes such a wonderful experience! That's the biggest lesson I learnt from this project. So here are my compositions.

The next project was "Surrealism".

This assignment is about having access to our subconscious mind; dreamscape. The key word is "Escape"

Initially, I struggled with this project. I researched other surreal artists such as Salvador Dali, but still, there was no connection.

The night before the assignment was due for critique; I searched and searched inside of me for an idea, but no show! So, I went back to the project page, looking for an answer, and I locked my eyes on the word 'escape'. Where would I want to escape to?

And then it just clicked! From my narrative, I said 'I wish I was a flower' and then we had just finished with the 'essence of flowers', (by now you know how obsessed I am with flowers!), so, I thought, I would love to escape into a flower!

I started drawing and painting around midnight and I was so enchanted with the idea that I ended up making 4 paintings of the same composition! I didn't even want to sleep!

Here they are...

Final project; "Pluralism"

In this project, we were to combine three different subjects;

Man made architectural elements
Natural organic living things
Decorative patterning

The assignment eclectically brings several subjects into one composition. Additionally, Pluralism consists of creating a picture that deconstructs traditional compositions and uses mixed media.

This was also quite difficult because we really had to think 'outside the box', but I came up with something, eventually.

Let me explain, the columns are my architectural element and I painted them pink, because, that was my way of deconstructing the normal perception of columns. The other man made element was the shoe, but at the same time, the petals on the shoe were the organic element. And to confuse myself even further, the petals are clouds which should have been found on at the top of the columns not the bottom. Finally, the black and white pattern to flatten it out.

So, that has been my 'foundation' in watercolors, the rest I believe is up to me.

I would like to thank my wonderful teacher, Sharon, who gave me the tools to bring forth all that is inside of me; during the duration of the semester, and for the rest of my life. Thank you Sharon. I have one more post about watercolors, and I will speak more about my wonderful teacher and the beautiful friendships that I experienced during this class.

Thank you for reading.

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