Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the year!

I’ve been MIA!


Today, I have two goals……

1 To post every other painting that I have made this year so that I can start with a ‘clean canvas’ next year……….which is tomorrow!

And 2, to share what I’ve been working on the past couple of days!

Wish me luck.

First, let me share what I’ve been working on.

So many people have touched my life in so many ways and at Christmas time, the best way for me to express my gratitude has been to paint.

These paintings are more along the lines of the fashion illustrations that I hope to have under my “Asinti Sanaa” brand.

I hope you like them.

I hope the recipients like them.

I love them!

And just a secret between you and I, I love them so much, I don’t want to let go! Thank God for photography! (although the quality of the pictures is really bad! Sorry, I took these around 2am!)

As you may know or not, I LOVE Roses!

I'm trying to channel an illustrator who inspires me; Ruben Alterio, I have a long way to go!!!!

And my African Ladies.

My table

My sketchbook

I'll be back!


Before the clock strikes 12!

1 comment:

  1. You have certainly worked very hard Loredana! There are some stunning ladies in among the group of works you have uploaded! The New Year, 2010 is here already in Australia and i hope and wish you create many beautiful art works as you journey through it.
    Look forward to our mutual support.
    dal cuore